Adventures with Atleo Air

March 06, 2018  •  1 Comment

A couple years ago I was beaching it at Wya, trying to decide if I was going to dive into the winter ocean for a cleanse. My son and I sat at our usual spot on the beach which we normally had to ourselves. On that day there were other people there, really cool looking people with drones and cameras. I hadn't had a drone yet so of course I was drawn with questions and curiosity, which is where & when we met our new friend Ben Adams. He also being super passionate about playing out (#thinkoutsidehq) we immediately connected. 

He comes back regularly to sleep in our trees and play on our beach, Wya. Before he came he'd let me know he was planning to get high with Atleo Air and invited me along so of course I jumped at the opportunity. I immediately had all these visions & needs, I visioned an expecting mother to join our flight, you know, to sit & enjoy the last of her itty bit of freedom before birthing and handing her life completely over. Ok, so I also saw beautiful belly with hair blowing in the wind, standing so strong along and above traditional territories.  


Long story short that never none of that  happened but we still flew! Plus Ben's partner let me know she's practicing getting pregnant and all ready & raring to model! It was a short, sweet flight with clouds dancing all around us as we tucked in and out of the mountains. I just love finding places of stillness, where all you can hear are the bird wings flying by & all you can see is ocean in the distance and all you can feel is cedar and moss. Sighs, yaaaaah, those places are magical. As we flew, of course I wondered and wish I knew all the traditional names of these territories. 


Though our soles never touched the mountain top that day, our souls most definitely did. 


Life is pretty magical. 


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WOW.....what a shot and what a beautiful place..
i love this spot..this is awesome..
Realy really great one..
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