Decolonizing Addiction - First Nations Health

May 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

 After back to back losses, my First Nation community of Hitacu recently hosted a workshop on Decolonizing Addiction. 

 Elder Richard Mundy shared opening remarks reminding us of our traditional teachings. 

 How we're speaking about one another. 

 How we once took care of each other. 

 How some things are making us very sick & how we ourselves are a part of the sickness today.

  I've photographed this workshop many times before with First Nations Health Authority & have  gotten to know Len & Andrea quite well though this journey of Indigenous Healing. 

I was really excited that my community was open to learning a new language around addiction. 

  That there were many whom were open to stepping out of their comfort zones to learn how

  they could possible save a life if needed. 


5 myths about addiction were shared with there were some powerful truths in those myths. 

  As Indigenous people's we've always looked after things in our own ways, usually with

  teachings, ceremonies and sometimes some tough love. 

  Normally there is a 4-5 month waiting list to get this Decolonizing Addiction Workshop into 

  communities, I"m grateful my community was able to take in some new tools on such short notice. 

  It was some much needed medicine for my community & hope this & they will reach all the other communities in need. 


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