Years of photo passion: 23 What inspires you? Humility, healing, fit beings & kindness. Your fav place in the world? ʔaahuusʔatḥ of course. Your fav book? Love Warrior. Summer or winter? Winter, I love warming by the wood stove on stormy days, clam digging in the cold & running in the rain when everyone else is trying to run from it & snuggling up to documentaries. What is your prized possession? My camera of course. What is the meaning of life? Everything is spirit and everything has purpose. If you weren’t a photographer? Def a Wellness Worker. One word that describes you best? Weird or earthy depending on presence and energy. You are stuck on a desert island, what three things do you have? A harvest mate, lemon ginger kombucha, books & my old lady glasses! Your weakness? Dark chocolate covered almonds, keep me away from outdoor stores cause the shit I already own but never seem to have when I actually need it & local custom hand made things cause I love unique! Any secret aspirations? Fisherwomen, something about harvesting your own food & being on the ocean that makes me feel closer to my ancestors. Do you sing in the shower? I sing everywhere & it drives my son absolutely nuts (hard to tell who the teen and who the parent is in this house). Color or b/w images? B/w hands down, theyve always felt original to me, especially in negative film days. Must haves? Golden milk (hello aging bones), wood stove (I a cold chicken), gumboots (halla west coast) & I just gotta have a good book on growth, awareness, healing. PC or Mac? Mac everything, even before I thought Gates was evil. The first thing you notice about people? Their energy and their shoes, said she who couldn't care less about what others think of my boots but energy doesn't lie) . What makes you happiest? My elder friends, hearing & understanding my language & connecting with other beings who own their weird. What ya know for sure? That we're spiritual beings having a human experience, that a good sweat & smudge fix everything & that consciousness is definitely the new sexy.