Ahousat School hosts Potlatch

May 31, 2019  •  15 Comments


Ahousat school has been hosting potlatch, I"m not sure how long now? Kids hosting ceremony makes me want to make up with 

facebook (cause I broke up with it few years ago) just so I never miss another one of these ever again! 

 I was sooooooo happy to finally go home, even if it was to introduce myself in some of my new roles. 

All I could think about was, how much we've grown. 

I gazed at all the kids, trying to see their parents in them. 

Trying to guess what families (last names) they looked like. 

Like adults did to me as a child


as elders to this day do to me  as to me as an adult. 


I have so much respect for our chiefs 

who carrying on our ways 


their roles & responsibilities.


To hold all that 






Those are such  huge, heavy roles to hold.  

So anytime I see unity, laughter, healing, support & pride. 

Give our community 

more of that. 

 More of this.

She was given a name

randomly & unexpectedly by one of the chiefs.

called forward to be acknowledged by your chiefs

at this age (or any age)

I hope they know how very special that was. 

Then to have the children 

 honour and acknowledge their chiefs in return. 

I sat there thinking,  this is my home. 

not everyone has a home like this. 

do they at home know how beautifully blessed they are? 

or will they too realize it after they've left it like I?  so of course I was beaming.

there was so much

light & life 

in this space. 

And nothing quite as beautiful as seeing light

where some were once walking through dark. 

So proud of this guy, his growth game is solid & strong 

& his drug of choice is most definitely 




Then there are those who are learning, or re-learning their ways. 

Standing so humbly 

speaking the little bits of language they know. 

soaking in every little thing they have left 

My heart is always with these ones. The one's learning and teaching as they learn. wasting no time in passing it all along.

even if they Unsure if it's correct,  

even if they nervous & scared 

there they are


but yet having fun too because reality is

we're all learning as we go

so may as well laugh at yourself once in awhile. 


Then there's those look like they've been doing it their whole young little lives

knowing those teachings and sacred connections we have with the animal kingdom 

Them haahuupayak studentsl have some pretty amazing teachers and it clearly reflects

in how they sing

how they dance

how they walk


how they talk

I remember their  fist winter solstice concert I went to there a couple years ago,

I was ready to pack up my kid and move there 

just so he could have all that too ! ! 


And although my children have never grown up or lived in their other home 

They know it is there's too. 

Well,  at least now they do.  When my youngest was about five & we were walking up the dock at home in Ahousat he asked,

Mom, how does everyone know you here? 

They're all family I told him. 

Wow, he say's,  I wish I had that much family. 

Giggles, they are yours too. 

Even though there are always new family members like these cutest things ever that we've never met before. 

all I could think was, I don't ever remember being this cute ! ! 

nor do I remember having that sparkle in my eyes when Peter Webster used to be telling us as kids

 Tookshe tookshe! 

these kids rocked the entire gym

had everyone on their feet


sparkles in everyone's eyes

so thank heavens some from our generation were paying attention way back

when the rest of us were too busy flirting  

they were soaking in language 




so that these kids could have it too.  


and so even though I went home to help 

I felt like they helped me more than I ever could them. 

love love my home. 







helen mavoa(non-registered)
melody charlie, Thank you for capturing the spirit of this precious event not just with your images but also your vulnerability/ i'm in awe of the grace and resilience of this nation as you continue to kindle the fires of passion and cultural knowing.
Margaret Ann(non-registered)
Beautiful and amazing day it was! you photos are remarkable in capturing the essence of the Feast thank you for sharing and thank you for coming home it is always so wonderful to see you and give you love and hugs in person Mel., much rest for you my dear friend.
I am not of this community or heritage but watching these generations teach and learn from each other sends a clear message to my heart: you are always welcomed at home.
Michelle Ralston(non-registered)
I agree with Anita!! A school in Hitacu!! Beautiful photos and event!! I was honored to attend last year. What an amazing experience!
Anita Charleson-Touchie(non-registered)
Beautiful reflections and capture. Seeing the videos on FB brought tears to my eyes. This is most definitely why we need our own school in our community so we can teach, practice & learn our culture openly and freely. To build and strengthen our children’s identity. Thanks for sharing Mel :)
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