Finding Solitude

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Finding Solitude. .

It’s been such a blessing to witness this beautiful film come to life.

From the very beginning when my nephew first called

& let me know what he was wanting to do, 

which was to make a documentary on mountains. 

To of course me asking how he'd be including his indigenous roots as part of it

otherwise why else call this auntie? 


Last summer and this summer were the absolute nuttiest summers for me ever! 

IF anyone knows me, I"m all about less work  -  more mom

so taking on anything additional was a







the auntie in me needed to support this artist in the making, my nephew

& his friend who is the nerdiest nerd I know

But nerds are smart & they doers & everyone should have at least one friend whose a nerd!

 ok I'll help these kids out 

I thought it might take a day or two of my life. 


Daily calls

A million texts 

Two years later. 

& broken promises on my end too if I"m being honest

(I was to climb with them but no time for play, it's been all work which btw I did make them slave for me too)


Fast forward to the middle of the chaos

 when I was overwhelmed with my own stuff 

my day job

my photography 

my momma roles to the kid and pooch 

forget food and house chores 

articles, edits, emails, blaaaaahhhhh!!


adding these two to the lists seriously about drove me bat shit crazy (for real!)  

There were definitely many moments of regret.

But I couldn't say no. 

Not to them or this. 



Especially after the non stop lectures I'd already given them on Indigenous protocols. 

So I stuck it out because what other kids are out there 

getting high on mountains

& making movies on climate change?





Its' been a couple of years with this & them. 

There've been many teachable moments. 

A few mistakes. 

A few retakes. 

A few headaches

and a lot of laughter. 

Being with them was like being with my younger self. 

Sheesh my poor parents! 

Freeing, crazy, silly, inspiring & full of drive and dreams. 


As the film is in its final stages, preparing for its official debuts,

I think about how I’m going to miss these two

& all this extra chaos

(ok I won't really miss the chaos & I highly doubt these two will be disappearing, especially with Evan feeling like one of them!)

So Thank you Jaide & Trist

 for allowing me to share this beautiful & inspiring journey with you. 


I’m excited to see where you both go

I'm a little sad that’s it over but mostly relieved & grateful.

You’ll always remember this as your first film

& I’m really proud to have been a part of it.


I look forward to seriously finding my solitude

after all that so not solitude with this film (giggles)

 I most certainly hope I can make at least one of the debuts!

Regardless of if I make one or not, of course I think it’s worthy of adding it to your must see list! 


For more info on this, them and where you can see :


ʔušy̓aksiiƛeic Finding Solitude Film 

for guilting me into the mountains with you! 

One of our Nuu-chah-nulth words for happy

stems from nuči  which means mountain 

because when you're happy 

you're high like mountains! 

(so cool hey?!) 


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