Music is Medicine

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Six years ago one of my youth friends' had told me about this Nahko guy, 

showed me his video and I instantly thought, 

I could be friends with him.


Then five years ago another friend showed me the Black Hills Unity Concert promo video

that I had watched earlier that week and I thought,

Melody you do not need to go all the way to the hills

Be responsible 

Stay home 

save money.


Then my friend invited me over for tea and thought we should just up and go to this Unity Concert in Dakota 

I think it was the following week or something last minute like that. 

So of course we up and went,

because well, 

we both weird, wild, free spirits that's why!

it was in the hills that I saw myself. 

there were others. 

others who felt the way I do about 





Though I originally went to see & hear him. 

I had no idea how the connections there and then would impact my life 

and shift not only my being but my path as well. 

I met so many brown beautiful beings who were passionate about 

who they were, are and will be. 

Many of whom have knew exactly who they were. 

Knew exactly where we as Indigenous have come from 

and knew exactly where they were going

knew exactly who they needed to take 

and knew exactly what they needed to bring.  


I saw something in them that I wanted in myself. 

I didn't know how, what or why but I knew I wanted what they had. 

but I also knew what they had

had nothing to do with them or me. 


It was bigger, deeper & darker. 

They all had a fire in them and I wanted to burn too. 

The hills lit something in me that still burns today. 

So of course I"m thankful for all the moments and all the beings that have lit me. 

that have helped me find my own fire

that have taught me to share my warmth. 

that have shown me what 

social justice,

indigenous resistance


sovereign rights looks like. 


More importantly shown me what wrong feels and looks like both globally and locally. 

That trip to the Black Hills was where I fell not only more into myself 

but more into who we are as indigenous. 

What I saw in them

wasn't me,

or them,

it was US I saw. 

So somehow this journey has lead me down this unexpected path.

I never knew then that so many of the friendships formed there would shape me here but they did. 

I admire my friend and all my friends who use their voices to 

protect, support & resist the dollars and dreams

that lead to destruction & oppression of indigenous people's.

For years I've worked in health, healing and helping and it can sure get heavy and hard to hold. 

Lifting your people up is a full time job & it gets dark, scary and exhausting.

Sometimes I question it all, wondering if I"m in the right place. 

It's usually then I start wondering if I'm crazy. 

it's also usually around then when this guy shows up. 


Then I remember 

I am crazy! 

and I'm totally meant to be with other crazies! 

Cause why be normal when you can stay weird?! 

Extremely thankful for this weird tribe & all the crazies that lead me to them & this! 

I'm a huge believer in energy

Every little thing is energy.

What you watch.  

What you feel. 

Who you surround yourself with (cause apparently you become them.)

What you write. 

How you talk (about self & others) 

How you walk

How you think. 

What you listen to. 


All energy. 


So lucky me gets to fuel with this and them. 





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